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The most expected opening event in Kursk!

The opening of multifunctional shopping and entertainment,
family and leisure, sports and recreation, hotel complex «MegaGRINN»

1st part – on March,1st 2016, 2nd part –  September, 2016
3rd part and  total  opening — January,2017

-1st floor — Hypermarket of electronics and household appliances, sports goods, furniture center, stores of Electrical lighting devices and sanitary engineering
1st floor — Food hypermarket LINIYA, shoes stores, stores of Perfumes and cosmetics, leather goods, jewelry
1a floor — democratic clothes and shoes

2nd floor — clothes of international and native brands
3rd floor — goods for children and teens
1st,3rd,4th floor — Amusement park
5th floor — Entertainment center
6th floor — Hotel 3*
5th,6th,7th — The Palace of Sports

The Concept

General. Success is in the flow of visitors!

The success of the shopping centers that are from the classification of the Urban Land Institute, is determined exclusively by the flow of visitors, more the better the economic indicators of its tenants.

The Final aim.The center of gravity of all citizens!

To concentrate the maximum stream of visitors – Kursk citizens with middle- and higher-income in «MegaGRINN» using its basic advantages, due to the overflow from the existing shopping centers of the city, including the adjacent centers which are situated on the same street with «MegaGRINN».  It is the shopping center « Europe — 50» which was opened in December 2014 on K. Marx St., 6 with total area of 40,000 m2 and the shopping center «Europe», which is under construction, with total area of 120,000 m2 on  K. Marx St., 10 with the actual opening date not earlier than on the 1st quarter of 2017.

Ways to achieve. Nonstandard approach — the key to success!

It’s determined based on the current and future competitive environment with a lot of shopping centers, relating to the status of the district or regional — to build Kursk’s largest super regional mall «MegaGRINN» with total area of ​​230 000 square meters with accommodation of the largest shopping, sports and entertainment centers there in the city. Due to the various spheres of leisure, sport, recreation, entertainment, hotel and business, satisfying the needs of the population of all ages -which has no analogues satisfying the needs of the population of any age, to generate a total flow of visitors, which will be the largest of all the regional shopping center of the city taken into account: «Europe-40» on Studenchenskaya St., «Europe 10» and «Europe-50» on Karl Marx St.

Shopping center «Europe» with total area of ​​120,000 square meters on Karl Marx St., 10, which is under construction, applies to the regional centers as it is situated on the stead divided by  «Severniy market» and «Europe 50», so they are independent shopping centers, but not a single super-regional (by the classification), as indicated by the developer «Promresurs» Ltd.  Also, these two «Europe» will not create a common customer thread, and vice versa, they will share it and rival.

Characteristics of «MegaGRINN.»  All the best is under the same roof in Kursk!

Status — Superregional, located in the central part of the city on a strategic highway K.Marx St., leading to Moscow, connected to the main transport arteries leading to all parts of Kursk.

Car park — 2400 parking lots.

  • ground — 600 parking lots;
  • multi-level, semi-detached with SC — 1800 parking lots.

GBA — 230 000 m2.
Number of storeys — 9 floors: -1, 1, 1A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
GLA — 129 000 m2.
Trade area — 60 000 m2  Including: food hypermarket «LINIYA» — 11 000 m2 operated by the «GRINN» Corporation:

  • ground floor — Hypermarkets of electronics and home appliances, sporting goods, household goods, furniture center, shops of sanitary engineering and electro-light devices;
  • 1st floor — Food hypermarket «LINIYA», shoe stores, perfumes and cosmetics, jewelery, gifts, leather goods;
  • 1A floor — democratic clothes and footwear;
  • 2nd floor – clothes of international and major domestic brands;
  • 3rd floor — hypermarket of children goods, goods for children and teenagers.

Entertainment, leisure, sports and recreation, Hotel and business areas – 69000 m2, of which 65000 m2  are under «GRINN» Corporation’s сontrol.Entertainment, leisure, sports and recreation, Hotel and business areas – 68,000 m2, of which 64 000 m2  are under «GRINN» Corporation’s сontrol.

Sports and recreation: «Sports Palace» 32 000 m2 5,6,7 floor

  • sports center: 4 large universal halls for mini football, volleyball, basketball, and others; there is  one of them with telescopic tribune for 1,000 fans; table tennis room; hall for squash;
  • water complex for 4 pools, two  for adults, including a 50-meters long  by 10 tracks and two pools for children;
  • Fitness Centre;
  • recreation complex “GRINN SPA» with 12 saunas from different parts of the world and 9 swimming pools;
  • combat sports club;
  • gymnastics club;
  • dance club;

Amusement park 24 500 m21,3,4 floor

  • Rides, roller coasters, swings and roundabouts;
  • Area of slot machines;
  • kids club «Chasiki”;
  • petting zoo;
  • Ice Arena;
  • duplex restaurant-brewery «GRINN Beer» for 1500 people;
  • nine-halls cinema with 3-aura sound;
  • bowling-club for 27 tracks;
  • Cafe «Shocoladnitsa»;
  • food court for 12 operators;
  • Japanese restaurant;
  • Oriental restaurant;

-1st floor

  • Panoramic Aquarium with sharks;
  • fashion cafe «KOMOD»  -1st floor


Entertainment Center 7500 sq.m. 5th floor

  • Nightclub «Chasi»;
  • karaoke club «Night»;
  • billiard club «Assembly»;
  • panoramic restaurant «Mezzanine»;
  • Eastern Cafe «Marrakesh»;
  • cigar club;
  • Club’s souvenirs store.

Hotel Three Stars(3 *) with a business center for 1000 participants with 6  transformable halls for 5000 sq.m. 5 ,7 floors 116 rooms

Improving decisions. Only in  «MegaGRINN» — all clear!»

Taken to further encrease the competitive advantage of «MegaGRINN»:

  • six-level aboveground parking of 300 lots at each floor allows visitors to climb right to the desired floor. It is psychologically more understandable than the underground parking lot: you needn’t waste time on the descent underground to climb up out of the underground then;
  • flyover with the escalators across K. Marx St. with public transport, which enters to the second floor of the shopping center, that making it equivalent to the 1st floor and the 3rd floor is becoming more attractive for retail space;
  • on the third floor placed a bowling club and a nine-halls cinema, café «Shocoladnitsa» between them and on the other side there is the huge restaurant-brewery that produces a significant flow of visitors to retail spaces;
  • deliberate refusal from standard symmetric manhole sump floors with balconies, from wide passages in malls, which frighteningly repulse visitors;
  • deliberate refusal from the huge glass atrium on the roof, limiting one above the main escalator group. This makes «MegaGRINN» more interesting, with a free layout and comfortable staying for visitors, and the sunlight has no distracting influence on the perception of design and atmosphere of its diversity;superregional shopping center requires a super transport accessibility to the entrances, so all the streets around «MegaGRINN» were greatly expanded;
  • 60% of  129 000 m2 of leasable area is under the professional team’s control with the accumulated experience of the owner of Megacomplex of Corporation «GRINN», including the main shopping anchor hypermarket «LINIYA», and almost completely entertainment and leisure, fitness, hotel and business center. It allowed to plan the mall floor plan with maximum mutual of different directions, and to pursue a common advertising campaign and events after its, which will provide the city’s largest shopping flow of visitors to leasable space.
  • interactive multimedia illumination of facades with a dynamic transmission of image to the whole building for night «Light Festivals»

Confirmatory experience. The best to Kursk from the best «MegaGRINNs»!

Based on the analysis of changes in the competitive situation in  Orel and Belgorod after opening the biggest shopping centers in these cities – multifunctional complexes «MegaGRINN.» Visitors recognize that these complexes are the centers of gravity for all citizens, that can  classify these shopping centers as a superregional, including their area. In fact it turned out that there are no competitors for “MegaGRINNs”.

It is particularly evident  in the situation with the newly built high-quality shopping center «RIO» in Orel. So almost all tenants have gone away, even though it is at the opposite end of the city,  and it will lead to closing of this complex. The announced construction of shopping center «Europe» in the central part of Kursk on Moskovskaya St. haven’t  taken place due to lack of interest from tenants because of the understanding that it won’t be able to compete with «GRINN.»

«RIO» which  worked successfully  before opening of nearby “MegaGRINN »in Belgorod and now it has also lost 60% of the visitors, and despite being given the rental discounts, now there is a lot of free retail space. Scheduled for opening in 2014, «Trade and office center on Bohdan Khmelnytsky Avenue, 10A» on the same street as «MegaGRINN» was «frozen» because there are no tenants there.

The reason for this situation with shopping centers — in right concept of TMC «GRINN»in Oryol with area of 212,000 square meters and «Mega GRINN»in Belgorod with area of 170 000 square meters. They have a powerful entertainment and leisure, sports and recreation and other non-trade areas, which form the major flows of visitors — they are also customers for retail tenants. The current statistics on visitors in Orel on weekdays — 25-30 thousand, on the weekend — 45-50 thousand- per day, in Belgorod weekdays — 30-35 thousand., On the weekend — 40-45 thousand – per day.

Conclusions. The largest guaranteed stream of visitors among other  shopping centers of Kursk!

During the development of the Concept of «MegaGRINN» in Kursk was taken the best solutions from  «MegaGRINN» in  Orel and Belgorod and also increased its area and the number of entertainment and leisure, sports and aquatic directions. It will be the outstanding complex among other shopping centers of the city, including the main advantage of  huge  total area of 230, 000 m2, exceeding about twice the size of 2 shopping centers «Europe» with  general area of 120 000 m2. Considering that its location in the central part of  Kursk that is much better than in «MegaGRINN» in Oryol and Belgorod , located on the leaving of the city, it is guaranteed to make «MegaGRINN» the center of attraction for all citizens with the largest visitors’ flow in the city, estimated as 35-40 thousand people on weekdays and 50-55 thousand on weekend per day!

«Designing, we must seek not to the profit, but to mutual support in all directions, as much as possible diversity of Shopping Center. It will create a huge stream of visitors that will ensure the economic success of all of its tenants and, hence, the owners!»

Nikolai Greshilov - General Director of JSC "Corporation" GRINN ", developer of the concept of Oryol, Belgorod and Kursk "MegaGRINNs ", a former professional design engineer with six years of experience.